Welcome to the resources page, please use the table of contents to navigate. This page has links to some helpful resources for data visualization and statistics. Titles (in blue) of each item in this directory are hyperlinked to their sources, simply click on one to be redirected to that site.


Data Visualization Resources

I need some inspiration/help with data visualization, where can I get it?

from Data to Viz – provides a complete breakdown of what visualizations are right for your data as well as information such as how to read those visualizations, common mistakes of those visualizations, and what packages you can use in R and Python to make those visualizations.

The Data Viz Project – unique visualizations created by data scientists.

Data Looks Better Naked – a helpful blog post on what to do for a more impactful visualization.

Information is Beautiful – Aims to provide users with clean visualizations on different topics. Site is constantly updated and is a good source for data visualization help and inspiration.

Designing Data For Maximum Impact – Discussion on how to enhance your visualizations to tell a better story with your data.

Darkhorse Analytics Blog

Visualization inspiration

@chartrdaily – On Instagram. Posts one thought provoking data visualization a day.



Data Is Beautiful

Statistics Resources

What Everyone Should Know About Correlation – should read before you do analysis in data science or economics

Large Samples and The P-Value Problem

Most In Demand Tech Skills for Data Scientists

Three Ways to Spot a Bad Statistic



Mostly Harmless Econometrics

The Signal and the Noise